Realtek HD Audio Error 0xe0000227

Getting the Realtek HD audio driver working can be a pain on many motherboard versions. When installing the Reaktek audio drivers you receive an error 0xe0000227. What does this mean? There is conflict that occurs between drivers causing the Realtek driver to fail on installation. In order to get the drivers to install properly follow these instructions.

First, open 'Device Manager' and within the 'System Drivers' category, find 'Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio'. Right click this and choose DISABLE. Right click again and choose UNINSTALL. Now that you have removed the conflicting driver, it is recommended that you clear the registry of any references to it. To do this you can use a registry cleaning tool.

Now that the conflicting device driver has been uninstalled, you are now able to install the Realtek HD Audio driver. Make sure you have the latest driver for your system. We recommend a quick scan with a driver update tool. This will locate any outdated drivers on your system and enable you to download the latest drivers to your computer. Be sure to install the Realtek HD audio driver before installing any other new drivers. This will ensure you don't create a new conflict, allowing the Realtek driver to install completely and without error.

Now reboot your PC and your Realtek HD audio should be working flawlessly!